What to Bring

Personal Information

  1. UofT Student T-Card.
  2. Passport (Required for International Students at UTSC).
  3. Individual Tax Number (ITN) letter or Social Insurance Number (SIN) card.
  4. Direct Deposit Information or VOID Cheque (Account #, Branch #, Institution #).
  5. Your Canadian mailing address for summer 2019.

Receipts & Slips

  1. Rental receipts for any off-campus housing or a copy of cancelled/ returned cheques/ money orders/ bank drafts you used to pay your landlord.
  2. T2202A – 2018 (Printed from ROSI under “tax forms”).
  3. T5 Slips – Mailed in January to March 2018 directly to you by your Canadian financial institution if you have a high interest bank account, GIC and/or investment.
  4. T4 Slip – If you were employed and paid in Canada during the tax year of 2018.
  5. Any receipts of charitable donations you made.
  6. 2017 Notice of Assessment (If you filed your income tax return last year).
  7. Medical Expense Receipts


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(+ Medical Expense Receipts)