Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the VNP Coordinator’s email address?


Q.  How do I sign up for the Volunteer Network Program?

A.  To become a VNP volunteer, click here!

Q.  What will I find on the newsletter? 

A.  The VNP newsletter will keep volunteers updated on new volunteer positions and upcoming events and deadlines. The newsletter is your key to successful volunteering at UTSC. Click here to receive newsletters

Q.  Can I submit my hours before the March 2nd, 2018 deadline?

A. Yes! You can submit your log sheet to at any time before the deadline.

Q. How do I qualify for a reference letter from the Volunteer Network Program?

A. All students who have accumulated volunteer hours from any VNP level are eligible to request a reference letter. We will use your most recent Log Sheet information to include on your reference letter. The deadline to request a reference letter is March 2nd, 2019.

Q. How do I request a reference letter?

A. Reference letters are only granted upon request and are awarded to VNP students from all levels. To request a reference letter, please submit a Reference Letter Request Form.

Q.  If I miss the SCSU Appreciation Event, where can I pick up my reference letter and certificate package?

A.  Your packages will be available at the SCSU office, please ask the front desk.

Q. What if I am currently volunteering with an organization that is not part of your network? Am I still eligible for the Volunteer Rewards Program?

A. Yes! Please make sure you download and fill out the Log Sheet and have your supervisor fill out the Partnership Request Form. All student volunteers have 4 weeks from the day that their volunteer opportunity has finished to contact the VNP coordinator and inform their volunteer supervisor to submit the Partnership/Volunteer Request Form. Send all forms to

Q. Am I still eligible for the VNP Rewards Program if the organization I volunteer for does not want to partner up with VNP? 

A. You are eligible for the rewards program but it must be noted that if you would like to receive a reference letter from VNP, some of the hours you have volunteered must be through organizations listed through the VNP.


Q. How do I qualify for a VNP Scholarship? 

A. The VNP offers $5000 in scholarships to qualified students. To be eligible for an automatic Gold Level VNP Scholarship, volunteers must have completed and logged a minimum of 100 volunteer hours for the 2018-2019 term. Furthermore, to be eligible for an application-based Silver Level VNP scholarship, volunteers must have completed and logged volunteer hours in the 45-99 hour range.(On the Log Sheet, please provide your legal name associated to a bank account in the case that you receive a scholarship). Among those eligible, scholarships will be awarded based on number of hours, depth of volunteer experience, level of commitment shown and diversity of volunteering experience.

Q. Where can I find the list of organizations partnered with the VNP?

A. Click here

Here are all the documents you will need to succeed in the VNP Program:

Log Sheet

Volunteer Recruitment Request

Reference Letter Request Form