How to Get Involved


How to be a VNPer?

What is a VNPer?

A VNPer is a member of the Volunteer Network Program. VNPers take the initiative to be involved within their community in a variety of manners that provide short-term and/or long-term benefits for the community as a whole. They possess the drive and determination to make a difference, and to take on any challenges and obstacles in their path with a mixture of courage and enthusiasm.

Three Simple Steps to Join the VNP!

  1. Subscribe to receive weekly newsletters highlighting the newest volunteer opportunities!
  2. Download and fill out our Log Sheet to track your hours.
  3. Submit your hours before March 2, 2019 to be eligible for the VNP Rewards Program!

Rules for Logging Hours

  1. All information on log sheets must be complete. For example, student number, email address and full name must be filled out. All supervisor names must be written in full, this means first and last name. Incomplete log sheets will not be updated into the database.
  2. The time period for logging hours are now from March 3, 2018– March 2, 2019. This means that the hours completed within this time period will count toward the 2018-2019 school year.
  3. Hours completed after March 2, 2019 will count toward the next school year.

To qualify for the VNP Rewards Program, all completed volunteer log sheets must be submitted before March 2, 2019.

Students may submit their completed Log Sheet to

How to submit your log sheet:

  1.  Download the Log Sheet
  2. Fill the form out
    • Please do not change the formatting of the spreadsheet
    • If you need additional space to then you may add more rows
    • The spreadsheet has been formatted to calculate the total number of hours so you do not need to do so.
    • Don’t forget to add your name to the file name!
  3. Email the attached form to
    • Please ensure the email subject line states “Log Sheet 18-19”

PLEASE NOTE: We encourage you to submit your Log Sheet electronically via email and not physically via paper as it will be easier for both the VNP coordinator and the VNP students. Thank you for your cooperation!