VNP Partnership and Volunteer Recruitment Requests

Volunteer Recruitment Request

Once partnered, organizations may post volunteer recruitment requests on our online database and website. Volunteer requests will also be included in our weekly e-newsletters to students.

Partnership Request Form will appear if you click the “no” option when asked if you have posted with VNP before.

All organizations need to be in partnership with the Volunteer Network Program (VNP) for the student volunteers to be eligible to count their hours towards the VNP volunteer levels and awards. The deadline for organizations to fill out this form for the students who volunteer with them, to allow the students to count their hours towards the VNP is March 8th, 2019 by 11:59 PM.


VNP Partnership

The VNP is currently partnered with external organizations, student clubs, and academic and non-academic departments of UTSC to provide students with skill development opportunities and community engagement. As student membership continues to grow and more students become interested in volunteering, we now welcome partnerships with any established organization. All partner organizations will be included in our database and UTSC students affiliated with the organization will be eligible for the VNP Rewards Program.

Click here to check out organizations partnered with VNP