VNP’s Rewards Program seeks to appreciate and recognize the contributions made by our most outstanding volunteers, where students may be eligible for certificates, reference letters, as well as our VNP Scholarships!  All rewards (including scholarships, certificates, reference letters and raffles) will be presented at our SCSU Appreciation Event.

** In order for you to be eligible to receive any VNP rewards, your VNP Log Sheet should contain at least one volunteering opportunity that was or is found on the VNP website.

There are three (3) volunteer levels based on the number of volunteer hours collected. Depending on your volunteer level, you may be eligible for different rewards, as indicated below:

Volunteer Levels

Volunteer Level Requirements Rewards
VNP Bronze Level 0-44 volunteer hours Reference Letter (upon request) and Certificate
VNP Silver Level              45-99 volunteer hours              Reference Letter (upon request), Certificate, and eligibility to apply for the Silver Level Scholarship
VNP Gold Level 100+ volunteer hours                Reference Letter (upon request), Certificate, and an automatic Gold Level Scholarship PLUS eligibility to apply for Silver Level Scholarship!

To log your hours, please download and fill out our Log Sheet, and submit it via email (Please ensure the email subject line states “Log Sheet 18-19”). Please provide your legal name associated to a bank account in the case that you receive a scholarship.

To qualify for the Rewards Program, all completed volunteer log sheets must be submitted before Saturday, March 2nd at 11:59pm 2019.

The time period for logging hours are now from March 3, 2018– March 2, 2019. This means that the hours completed within this time period will count toward the 2018-2019 school year. Hours completed after March 2, 2019 will count towards the next school year.

 ** New this year 2018-2019: To access the Silver Level Application Form , please click here.