What is the VNP?

The VNP is a free service of the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU)  built to aid YOU, the students of UTSC!

Our Goal is to connect subscribed student members to meaningful volunteer opportunities on campus and around the GTA.

Our Mission is to create an avenue which gives students access to programs that will promote personal growth while contributing to the community.

What the VNP Offers:


The VNP aims to provide students with experiences allowing them to network and to build essential skills while at the same time permitting them to forge their niche in the community. Students gain practical experience by engaging in community outreach, while in turn, leads to building their resumes, inciting potential employment opportunities in the future, among other benefits. With the use of the VNP Rewards Chart, the VNP also permits students to garner recognition in the form of certificates, awards, and scholarships. For more information on how to become a student member, please refer to “Getting Involved“.

Organizations/Clubs/Academic and Non-Academic Departments

The VNP provide organizations the chance to recruit volunteers for their events, services, and/or programming by promoting these positions to the VNP database. These organizations include not-for-profit organizations, businesses, student clubs, and university administration. For more information on how to use our posting services to recruit student volunteers, please refer to “Getting Involved“.


Student Guidelines for the 2018-2019 Year

    1. The term for logging hours will now be from March 3, 2018 – March 2, 2019.
      All volunteer hours completed within this period will be counted towards the 2018-2019 year.
    2. Log sheets must be submitted before March 2, 2019 to be eligible for the VNP Scholarship (read more about VNP Rewards here).
      Only students who have completed 100+ hours of volunteering are eligible to compete for the automatic VNP scholarship. Only students who have completed 45-99 hours of volunteering are eligible to compete for the application-based VNP scholarship.
    3. All VNP rewards will be presented at the end of the 2018-2019 term at the SCSU Appreciation event.
      It is the student’s responsibility to contact the VNP Coordinator (vnp@scsu.ca) should they be absent for the event, and arrange for an alternative time to receive the reward(s).